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Remarkably Reduce And Cut Storage Costs

Notably Increase Employee Productivity And Effectiveness

Effıcıently Organize And Manage Procurement With A Contemporate System

YILDIZ Automated Smart Storage Systems

YILDIZ-O Smart Storage System

Passion For Maximizing Storage Efficiency…

Fully automated smart storage system for characterizing and configuring your way of organizing, procuring and dispensing everything you need under your control within a flexible safe reserve.

YILDIZ-ADS Automated Cabinet Smart Storage System

YILDIZ ADS automatic cabinet system offers you the opportunity to store your products of different sizes with maximum efficiency with different compartment sizes.

You can use it to store many products eligible for cutting tool, work safety equipment, electronic equipment, ammunition, gauge and apparatus, pharmaceutical, industrial equipment, computer equipment dental equipments etc..

Also available for automated cargo storage.

YILDIZ-ISS Integrated Smart Storage Systems

Integrate All Storage Phases And Organize Wide Variety Of Items Under One Storage System

Thanks to versatile software and hardware structure yildiz-iss can be configured to stock different sizes of items under one system.

Configurable with additional units to handle all necessary items together.

Designed for your specific needs and storage patterns.

Integrated fully to your software system.

Software can be integrated to handle your existing storage area.

Industry 4.0 and accounting, production, shipment and warehouse management systems all together... you will find much more than you expect. Quick, simple and visual solutions with an easy and understandable interface by 21’’ high resolution touch screen
Thanks to person-based and product-based controls, all product inputs and outputs are monitored. Hundreds of reports can be formed according to user choice to trace items. Users get proactive on storage, and can be notified and trained about items’ usage on time.
4 Different sized compartment models, enable to store wide variety of items, increase #of SKUS to 2340 per unit and customize your storage patterns within one durable, easy to reach, rotating tambour inside.