Industries Served

For us, Benchmarking is the actions taken for optimum techniques which are binded to the paths paving the way to the ultimate company goals.

In MCT Makine, we believe our smart storage systems, software capabilities and our hi-skilled staff are creating a great knowledge spill over within many industries, sectors and business environments, both domestically and internationally.

Therefore we value the most; our experiences with our staff, feedback from our esteemed customers and suppliers and tracing never ending change with our R&D team.

Benchmarking is made with the most effective storage way within the whole company when you use a YILDIZ automated smart storage system.

  • Employees can take good examples of another efficiently.
  • This tool can easily be integrated to company lean management and total quality management objectives.
  • By efficient and effective reporting and feedback , you can better understand and manage dynamics of your business,
    • to develop procurement ways and objectives,
    • for asking stages of sales,
    • improving production flows,
    • tracing employee potential and performance

Tracing your stocks just in time according to employee, usage area, user experience and timings and many more subjects will benefit you in improving your actual business habits and sustain the company objectives.


YILDIZ SmartStorageSystems and YILDIZ InventoryManagementSoftware maintain remarkable improvements in all stages of production and procurement timings. Saves time – Cut – Increases capital

Integration to company ERP systems, easily takes place in vertical integration of Corporations with their accredited suppliers

  • Automated Drum System – Max.8 sec./item retrieval
  • Just-in-time reporting. Wide spectrum of report organizing
  • User authorisation according to product-project-quantity-time-usage area
  • Critical stock alerts, Email ordering and notification options.
  • 24 hours reachable and traceable stocks.


YILDIZ SmartStorageSystems and YILDIZ InventoryManagementSoftware are developed adequtely to store hi value & precission parts, with real time traceability which is very vital for Aerospace industries.

  • Can store wide variety and different size items
  • Parts can be tracked and recorded within each project
  • Employee notification about items and confirmation of understanding option
  • Optimise stocks and orders to slash related costs
  • User and using patterns can be monitored and reported.


YILDIZ Smart Storage Systems and YILDIZ InventoryManagementSoftware enables employees to obtain safety equipments 24 hours. All operations are recorded and reported according to user, time, usage area and safety gears fatures . Can be reported for any audits or lawsuit interrogations.

  • Ability to track safety equipments stock in and out dates, stock records according to Lot no.
  • Quick reach to safety gears
  • Reduce equipment consumption costs by employee awareness
  • Critical stock identification and notification to responsibles.
  • Authorisation according to employee, maintaining personilsed gear for each employee


YILDIZ SmartStorageSystems and YILDIZ InventoryManagementSoftware are developed adequtely to store hi value & precission parts, with real time traceability which is very vital for Aerospace industries.

Our systems are trustworthy to maintain increase efficiency in obtaining their inventory and asset management objectives. System is compatible with safety protocols and available to support :

  • Easy mobility
  • Reduce waste, decrease costs
  • Configurable for storing of any items size
  • Inventory tracking capability by RFID systems
  • User authorisation management maintains enhanced safety
  • Cost reduction by just-in-time tracking . wrong orders, reorders are permitted
  • Vendor and cost identification. You can maintain various procurement and cost reduction objectives


For construcion industry it is crucial to follow the worker safety regulations, track the tools and get real time information for stocks. In order to cut down the costs, it is necessary to manage storage organization efficiently and trace tools and consumable ona timely manner according to user, usage area, time and efficiency. You can communicate YILDIZ systems wireless.

By Yıldız SmartStorageSystems;

  • Track tool use and material consumption at the user level
  • Get realtime reports about stocks , who used them when , how long?
  • Take records of safet gears, according to worker, time, place. You can authorise and limit quantities. You can use existing badges, fingerprint or password entry for authorisation.
  • You can organize procurement by data and reporting coming just in time from the stocks
  • To trace the tools you can choose RFID sysstems.


Tooling industry companies work under hard and strictly controlled conditions. Their customers require various items to be stored in their stocks. The can be stocked in the company or at customer’s consignee stocks. So it makes hard to control and organize the stocks. Also to maintain the accuracy of product and satisfy cutomer service needs becomes a trouble. There we supply the YILDIZ SmartStorageSystems as solution to:

  • Just in time control of your all stocks within your own storage, or stored in your customers’. You can learn and invoice immediately the used inventory. Learn usage pattern according to customers, advise them accordingly and increase customer satisfaction and your profits.
  • Increase your profits by planning your purchaing times and quantities and slash prices with your suppliers
  • Diminish the need for highly experienced staff to remember and manage thousands of products. Instead you can integrate your purchasing system to YILDIZ Software and you can obtain 100% just in time real stocks.
  • Iyou can trace the usage patterns according to Project , usage area and operators, so you can check the performance of the tools and evaluate your suppliers and also customers.


YILDIZ SmartStorageSystems and YILDIZ InventoryManagementSoftware are highly advanced solution systmes for stock and procurement planning and organization.

High efficiency in production and reducing consumption of tools can be maintained by reaching production tools and safety gears on time and on an organized manner according to related purpose and Project.

Also just-in-time feedback from production and report of tool usage are essential to direct daily operations and decisions to calculate costs. This can be made possible with YILDIZ Smart Storage Systems

  • Kitting is possible for tools, utensiles, consumables; furnishing user to cut down preparation times therefore save and increase capital.
  • Ability to trace/record/report tools,utensiles, consumables according to Project, product , usage area, time and user
  • User ability to return used items and also return tools from maintenance. Possibility to track their conditions.
  • Procurement organization ability by fast data feedback and central authorisation of users and tools. Setting quick strategies for new projects and conditions
  • Integration to tool presetters is possible and identification accordingly . to maintain system unity
  • Authorised reach capability to reduce costs and enable effective tool and utensile usage.
  • TQM objective maintained by tracking deadlines and calibration needs of tools.


In Cargo services, It is very important to have a quick , traceable, and easy to handle system .YILDIZ SmartStorageSystems are offering powerful handling solutions. Integrating the stocks with the existing Inventory management system is easily made. Retrieval of the related items can be made by order no or barcodes or according to administrators preferred system.

Our User friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to retrieve their cargos in seconds. Any time any where TRY DELIVER:

  • Decrease costs of multiple visits to delivery adresses
  • Reduced time spent managing all the logistics operations
  • Full traceability of the cargos till the end address , time and retriever
  • Control of delivery times and conditions.
  • Increase Customer satisfaction by just in time information.
  • Self advertising units creates a bond between companies and the customers.

To keep every party uptodate make it easy for decision makers to act fast and according to market needs. Keeps customer relations on purpose and reduces the amount of work. Advertising can be another possibility of the units supplied in installed places by the outer design of the machines and also the information given through displays of the machines.


YILDIZ SmartStorageSystems and YILDIZ InventoryManagementSoftware are highly advanced solution systmes keeping control of the detailed and complex units of various sizes and many units.

Regarding healthcare industry where detailed, on time and 100% correct supply of the items needed, YILDIZ systems support the needed items in the quickes time. And keeps records to be reported for accounting , reporting to medical authorities etc.

  • Organize and control your costs without extra effort even under high traffic and stress working conditions
  • Group items and tools for specific operations. To retrieve together under a Project. These can be grouped according to production or a patient need etc. This can be designed according to usage pattern of the owners.
  • Easy to handle specific info required tools by giving extra information and warnings to employees. Makes easy control and training of the employees and keeps aunder record.
  • Contributes keeping records for regulatory and administrative purposes.
  • Can be used as an assistant to supply many items with its capacity to store 2340 skus that can be increased as well.
  • First in first out system helps supply of inventory according to official regulations and keeps the record ready for reporting to officials.
  • Valuable inventories can be supplied according to designated personnel with numbers, limits and time of usage.and according to usage area